Thursday, December 4, 2008

English Joke :D

A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says "did you know that we have a drink named after you?" And the grasshopper replied "you have a drink named jim?"

R/P, Wild Salmon

Human activity makes serious environmental pollution. One of the serious problems is water pollution. Water is the most endangered habitat in the world. The ocean and the river include many species, but now a number of species are disappearing. Why do we have that happen? Some industries, agriculture and personal human activity already make big problems. People destroy the river from variety human activities such as fishing, mining, and discharging waste water, natural occurrences, and emitting toxic chemicals in the river. For example, there are emitted toxic chemicals in the river. If a large amount of toxic chemicals emit in the river, it will have a large amount of carbon dioxide in the river. And if amount of Carbon dioxide goes up, amount of oxygen will go down. And another reason is global warming. If global warming is getting serious, water temperature will goes up. This happen will occur to kill many fish in the ocean and river. And also, the reasons make a lot of bacteria in water. If bacteria grow fast, they make a lot of carbon dioxide. And then fish can live dirty water anymore. Why should we care about the water? Water has a number of biodiversity if we do not care, a lot of fish will die because they cannot survive in harmful water. Wild salmon gets huge damage among the other fish because of water pollution. Wild salmon is different from other fish because they have special characteristics. “(Wild salmon have remembered) in the river for the first time in living memory” (Innes, 2007, para.10). So, when they were pregnant, they must return to the river for spawning where they were born. It is their characteristic. They must return to the river where they were born. But they cannot return to the river because of water pollution. Now, we have taken their habitat because of harmful activity. Therefore, people should consider those problems and we should make some step to recover before getting serious. How we protect wild salmon? They are three ways to protect wild salmon. Those things are not just ecosystem problems. They are human problems, because we cannot live ourselves. We have a connection with each other in the earth.

These days, we should save wild salmon because a large amount of wild salmon is decreasing: we should save endangered wild salmon, should not catch too many wild salmon, and should not do too much mining.

First, we should save wild salmon because they are endangered fish now. We should consider how we can save them. And also we should consider how water pollution is bad. People can meet many water pollution campaigns through commercials. We already know how serious it is. But, we did not consider this problem seriously. If wild salmon disappear in the river, it can be shown how serious water pollution is. Disappearing of wild salmon will impacted not only humans but also the ecosystem. We will meet problems soon. For example, wild salmon has a connection with the ecosystem. It means wild salmon is good prey for wild bears. Wild salmon and bears have a connection each other. In fall season “millions of salmon return to the rivers of their birth to spawn and eventually die. (T)his also means an influx of grizzly bears that prey on them as they fatten up for winter” (Giblin, 2007, para.1). But now, “bears are starving on some rivers” (Hume, 2008, para.16). What is going to happen? These days wild salmon do not return to the rivers as much as they did in the past. Wild salmon have disappeared because of water pollution. It means that water pollution is significant now. But if we make the water clean, we can meet them again. And also another example is that now wild salmon are threaten by fish farms. “Hundreds of thousands of salmon escape Norwegian fish farms each year, carrying parasites that pose a serious threat to wild salmon - a growing phenomenon that has fish farmers, environmentalists and authorities worried” (Ai-lien, 2007, para.13). If they escape from farms, they will mix with wild salmon. This is another problem. Therefore, if people do not care environment any more, the ecosystem and humans will get hurt, even the wild salmon. People should consider those problems.

Second, people should not catch wild salmon any more. Wild salmon decrease in the river more than before, because some commercial and individual fishermen catch a number of wild salmon. “Too many wild salmon have been killed for far too long in British Columbia” (Hume, 2008, para.1). Many personal fishermen catch the wild salmon for their enjoyment. And also fishermen prefer wild salmon than farming because wild salmon is more expensive over farmed salmon. Also, some consumers want wild salmon. “Wild salmon, caught in the Pacific Ocean, is a seasonal treat - and an expensive one. Some salmon lovers seem willing to pay the higher price tag for wild; others buy it as a reaction against farmed salmon, which has caused environmental alarms in recent years” (Arnett, 2007, para. 4). Wild salmon is more delicious than farming salmon. Therefore, they want to catch wild salmon in the river. Moreover, wild salmon lose their habitat. It is a big problem. Some manufacturing, city, and farming are evolving more than before. This happening has caused water pollution. Wild salmon get a huge impact because of water pollution. Now, wild salmon is an endangered fish. They are threatened by human activities. “(W)e must stop killing wild salmon. … B.C. simply must end the slaughter until stocks recover to historic levels” (Hume, 2008, para.18). People should not do that when water become fresh as before. We do not have enough wild salmon in the river. If we catch them, they will disappear. Therefore, we should save them, and also protect their habitat. If wild salmon cannot survive in the river, other diversity species cannot live either. We should take care that happen. People should offer salmon some food. Instead of wild salmon, people should eat salmon from farming.

Third, people should not do too much mining in the river. Mining will destroy their habitat. One author states, “the world's most valuable wild salmon run is threatened by a plan to dig North America's largest open-pit gold and copper mine” (Globe, 2007, para.1). People destroy wild salmon habitat for their monetary value. This author stats that “She was unable to confirm whether the decision meant work underway to expand the mine would stop immediately”. And people should consider values, which is the most important in our life. If they destroyed in the river too much, we might lose wild salmon in the river. Wild salmon will lose their home because of mining. The value of mineral resources is important but if we lose environment, we can get anything from the environment. For example, “Bristol Bay produces 30 percent of all Alaskan wild salmon, with a value of $216 million in 2006. Pebble's reserves of gold, copper, and molybdenum, a metal used in strengthening steel, have an estimated value of $300 billion. ‘This is it,’ said Lindsey Bloom, a Bristol Bay fishing boat captain, in an interview. ‘Do we value a life-sustaining resource or do we value gold? You can't eat gold’” (Globe, 2008, para.6). We should consider which one is more important. And also, if it destroyed, we wait much time for recovery. It will be recovered, but we cannot see it during human time. Therefore, we should keep salmon before they get hurt.

Opponents of some people claim that they cannot stop their work because they earn money from wild salmon. They say wild salmon is good for their benefit because some consumers like wild salmon. Also, wild salmon is more expensive than farmed salmon. Fishermen can get more money from wild salmon. And also, some workers want to keep mining in the river, because under the river there are many resources. According to one author, “$105m had been spent on the underground mine development. The mine is in the Paparoa Range, 46km north of Greymouth with the access road cutting through Department of Conservation land. PRC raised $85m in an issue of shares to the public in July. Overall, the benefit of higher coal prices was expected to more than offset the increased mine development costs” (Steeman, 2007, para.6). The reason they spend a lot of money in the river is that mining gives a number of valuable resources to human. Also, workers earn a lot of money under the river. Therefore, they do not stop mining or fishing. But I disagree with opponents because environment is more important than their personal values. Some economists claim that people have other resources such as money and technology. Therefore, people do not worry about the problems. On the other hand, some environmentalists clam that we need the environment. If we lose, we cannot restore it during human time. I support environmentalists because it is true. Now, we can do everything through money. But, we should consider which is best in our life.

In conclusion, these days, wild salmon are threatened from a variety of phenomena. We have destroyed their habitat. So, we should save wild salmon because a number of wild salmon have declined. It means that we can get hurt too by pollution. Therefore, People should try to do something for our life-support system and ecosystem. People should act before depleting. First, we should try to save endangered wild salmon because they are declining. Wild salmon have to return to the river where they were born. So, we should make good environment for river. Also we need to their habitat. Second, people should not catch too many wild salmon in the river. If they catch too much, they will be gone, because they are an endangered fish. Finally, we should not do too much mining in the river, because this work will destroy their habitat. If we keep doing this work, the river will have pollutions. And then we cannot see wild salmon with other fish in the river. Therefore, humans should keep wild salmon in the river for humans and the ecosystem. Protecting it is better than recovering it for the future.


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This paper argues that we should save the wild salmon. It argues for ways people should protect wild salmon. There are three ways in this argument. The first is that wild salmon is endangered, and the second is that wild salmon decrease in the river. Therefore, people should not catch too many wild salmon. Finally, people should not do too much mining.

P/F, Online Shopping

Many people use Internet shopping online. Now, online shopping malls are increasing. If demand goes up, supply also goes up. This is why we have many online shopping malls. It has a lot of customers and companies. Consumers want good products and good prices. Therefore, many shopping malls have competition. And then we can get better products through their competition. So, I love shopping online.

Many people really like shopping online because online shopping has many benefits: shopping online is very convenient, they have a variety of choice, and it is cheaper than in an outside mall.

First, shopping online is very convenient for people who do not want to go outside for shopping. “It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home” (Ball, 2008, para.1). This is why people like shopping online. It is good for me. I do not need to walk three to four hours for shopping. I just click on the mouse for shopping.

Second, shopping online has a lot of choices because they have many different shops. If I want to buy a winter coat, I don’t know which design is better for me. I should look at many kinds of clothes around many shops, but it is not too easy. Now, we do not need to go outside. I can look at many different clothes in my room. It is a reason why many people paid their money online (Robertson, 2006).

Finally, online malls are better and cheaper than outside malls. “Online buying is not only a timesaver, but it allows you to get great deals when you compare prices of the same item from different online shops. The Internet is like a central shopping mall, where you can find just about everything you might need – from groceries and clothing to collectibles and hard-to-find replacement parts” (Robertson, 2006 para.1). We can measure which mall is cheaper than the other malls. It is not too hard online. Therefore, we can buy some goods but spend little money.

Shopping online malls have many benefits to consumers. Shopping online is very convenient when I do not have time for shopping. We can save time for shopping. And then, they have a variety of choices. It means that they have a number of different shops. Also, they are cheaper than outside malls. You can find which product is the cheapest to you. So, people keep using online malls for their shopping.


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Saturday, November 29, 2008

J/Q, #6 What I have.

I love my family. They are precious to me. I have no sibling. But my feel is not lonely because my family. Family gave everything to me. And they are everything to me.I know that that is love.

When I was little girl, I was grew by grandmother because my parents were very busy to their work.So, my parents felt sorry to me. But, I totally understood at that time. That is not only for them but also family. And also, one of the most important things is that I love at that time. I like my childhood. They gave good present to me.

And they support everything what I want. I deeply appreciate their love. My feel is always warm from my family and l am leaned what love is from them.

Moreover, my memories are precious to me from when I was young to now. I have happy many memories than bad memories.I have my family, good friends, and good memories.
I think I am lucky person.

In the future, if I have my kids, I will give much love like my parents.I am excited from thinking. I want to become good parents.And I want to good daughter to my parents. I will because I am happy when my parents have smile.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

F/E, #6 Winter sports

I love winter because I like cold weather. Also, I love winter sports such as skiing and snow board. These sports include snow. If there isn’t snow, we can’t play the sports. In our country, we have a lot of snow during the winter. We have many ski areas. So. Many people enjoy the winter sports.

Why do I like winter sports? Because, snow is clean. Also, when I enjoy the sports, I feel like fresh. And I love cool wind. During the playing of sports, I can forget some anxious things to me.

One other reason is that I like ski areas because they include many kinds of entertainments and food. A ski area is good place when I take a rest and relax. So, every winter I visit there for playing and relaxing.

But I have never been to a ski area in United States. This winter break, I want to go to a ski area with my friends in the United States.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

J/Q, #5 ALONE?

I have always heard that in some cultures people who spend time by themselves are considered strange. I am the kind of person who needs some time by myself. I love to be around people, but to really relax and not die of stress I need to spend time alone. During that time I like to sleep, read a book, take a walk, sleep, write or some other activity that puts me at ease. What do you think of alone time? Do you need it or is it something strange to you?

My country people have same idea in your question. Actually it depends on each person. But most people thought they do not like to spend time alone.

For example, my friends can’t eat something in restaurant alone. Also, they said I can’t go shopping alone or when they even go to restroom.

But I am not. I love to be around people too, but I though need my time. Sometimes I go shopping by myself and I go to museum alone. Sometimes aloneness is better than around people. So, I thought I have independence but I am not enough.

When I came here, I was surprised because people do something very well by themselves. Most people spend time alone. I thought it was nice to them.

Now, I want to do that because that is very important in my life. Not only is it important to hang out with other people but also it is important to spend time alone. It is not too easy to me but I want more relax by me and I really need my time. And when I study, I should study by myself. So, I am going to try to make my time. I will become more independent person.